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Meghan and Craig

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Our Story

We met in Marching Band at Stevenson University over 5 years ago. Craig played the mellophone and Meghan the baritone. After becoming friends, we started dating, navigating college, a military deployment, first career jobs, and life - together. A little after graduation, we moved into a tiny apartment and got engaged on Christmas Day in 2020. Just a month later we brought a little ball of fluff into our world, Remington, the best dog ever! Or so we like to think... In our free time you will most likely find us sitting on the couch or taking Remington on a long walk. But we hope to buy a house soon where we can entertain family and friends, where we can play all kinds of musical instruments without having to worry about our neighbors, and where Remington can have a big back yard to get into all sorts of trouble.